I have worked with Robert for many years. He has always been nice to the people he works with. Robert is a great asset to his community.

Evelyn M.   

I have known Robert and his wife for twenty years or so. I worked with both of them and also know them socially. Robert is very trustworthy and you couldn't find a better person.

Ginger T.   

I have known Robert over twenty-five years, he has worked with me in the Real Estate business and in the Real Estate Appraisal business for many years. I can testify that he is a stand-up kind of guy in many ways. Robert, according to his wife Sherry is a tremendous husband and father to her and the boys. Robert puts God first and family second as is the scriptural way. I can personally testify to Roberts loyalty as a friend and confidant. I count myself lucky to have him as a part of my life.

Harry V.   

I've known Robert for many years and he has always been a very nice, respectful, and trustworthy friend. He is always willing to lend a hand when needed. He goes above and beyond to make sure his goals are met. I'm happy to have the privilege of calling Robert a long-time family friend.

Sonia H.   

I am thankful to have been able utilize Robert Sheppard's amazing services over the years. He has delivered technology, innovation, and efficiency which lends accuracy and trustworthiness. These are key elements to earning people’s loyalty. He has shown an excellence which has set him apart from the competition.

Keith H.   

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