1.) Robert is a business man, investor, volunteer firefighter, soldier, and minister who feels called to serve others
2.) He has made a career out of investigating people, businesses, and property
3.) He has spent more than 20 years practicing and teaching sound financial strategies that promote success


* 20 plus years experience working as a state licensed professional
* Experienced real estate appraiser, real estate broker, insurance adjuster, and corespondent lender
* Experienced process server, knocking on doors and talking to people as the need arises
* Experienced private investigator, completing assignments for individuals, business, and corporations
* Experienced personal/corporate security, investigating and protecting both people and property
* Experienced search and rescue team member, Mississippi Department of Homeland Security OSAR Certified
* Experienced firefighter, MS Fire Academy Certified, two time recipient of the Firefighter of the Year Award
* Bachelor of Science Degree from Liberty University with a concentration in business and religion
* Master of Arts Degree from Liberty University with a concentration in global studies
* Ph.D from Columbia Biblical Seminary with a concentration in theological studies projected 2020
* Honors graduate from both high school and college, deans list, presidents list, honors fraternity
* Certificate of Merit from the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce
* Military officer, active status receiving continued Military, FEMA, MP, and Emergency Management training
* Jerry Faldwell Scholarship Award as well as numerous others received for academic excellence
* Robert and his wife of 24 years met and became engaged in 1987. They have 2 boys ages 13 and 19
* Robert has been published in various media outlets including books, papers, journals, radio, and television
* Licensed minister teaching and preaching in north Mississippi and the surrounding areas
* Long time resident of Union County and has been in business for 20+ years
* Certified martial arts instructor teaching hand to hand combat with discipline, honor, and integrity
* Certified NRA Instructor teaching tactical strategies and situational awareness for homes and businesses

Please feel free to contact Robert should you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your consideration.